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On-Q is about crowds, counting and control. On-Q tells everyone you care about your customer and community safety by controlling lines and queues.

Multiple On-Q mats network together to automate social distancing, while simultaneously generating data in an anonymous and non-invasive manner.

On-Q is the world’s most revolutionary surface sensing technology made possible by the world’s most innovative material; graphene. On-Q is the culmination of 6 years of research and development.

Behavioural Management System: Go on Green, Stop on Red


The automated approach to social distancing

Showing that you care for your customer’s safety


On-Q is anonymous and non-invasive

No personal or identifying information

Plug and play

Setup in seconds, roll out On-Q for instant customer engagement

When you want to uninstall, just pack it up and put it away


Conference Centres


Transportation Hubs

Retail Precincts

Hospitals / Aged Care


On-Q enables increased productivity and differentiates from competitors

On-Q provides an auditable record of social distancing


On-Q mats can be networked together to generate valuable data

Multiple devices can be daisy chained together for longer lines

On-Q Communicates

How many people? Which line is moving fastest?

On-Q sends data to a building management system or your devices

Coming Soon

On-Q Count

On-Q Count is built to monitor movement frequency and count people entering rooms. Its size is ideal for placement in front of doors, elevators, escalators and emergency exits. On-Q Count generates heat maps, provides security geofencing and more.

We partner with analytics companies (e.g. ARQ Group) to create digital twins and deliver insights into how your customer interacts with your business.

On-Q Count can be networked with On-Q to provide a holistic approach to generating data from an entire building.

On-Q Fall Monitoring

On-Q Fall Monitoring device for aging in place applications.

On-Q will be configured to deliver audio cues for vision impaired people.

On-Q Weight Sensing

On-Q weight sensing mats to be deployed in warehouses and the back of vehicles to monitor for theft of packages.

Light Driven Wayfinding

Imagine an interactive light driven direction finding system, delivering a non-contact geofencing solution to art galleries and museums

About Us:

On-Q is a division of Imagine Intelligent Materials. We integrate expertise in materials science and signals processing to create the worlds first large scale surface sensing systems using graphene. On-Q continues Imagine’s focus on mass market commercial products. For more information about Imagine please see our website.

On-Q is a revolutionary patented sensing system that communicates with people using light.

On-Q is proudly manufactured in Geelong, the epicenter of Australian innovation in advanced manufacturing


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